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You have three days to solve the case, ten rounds (actions) in a day. The rounds may be spent on investigating the suspects, gathering their samples, or breaking into any of the places they own. The player spends one round on any of those actions. The "investigate" action may only be used once in a day for every suspect.

After you have dug up some kind of mud on any of the suspects, you may break into the places they own.

Everybody has an appartment and an office, however in addition to that, you may reveal more places that the suspect owns, and those may be broken into at will. Of course the first rule (need to have some mud on the suspect to investigate them at this level) still applies.

In order to win the game, you must arrest the killer. You may arrest any suspect that you have connected to at least three clue evidence. The number of connections you have on a suspect is displayed inside the Arrest icon. However, after you have recovered the murder weapon, only one connection is required (murder weapon provides 2 extra points for anyone).

Also, arresting the wrong suspect before you have recovered the weapon loses the game, but arresting the right one counts as Major victory. With the weapon recovered, the player has two attempts at arrest. If you get it right the second time, that counts as a normal win.

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Already played a few hours of this game and it was very fun. Would be amazing to have an update at some point. Still very playable as it is now.


Hey, thanks for dropping by!

Yeah, the original Terry is somewhat experimental and more like a proof of concept than anything else.

I’m currently too busy with Corona Celestia to be working on other projects, but Terry Winters 2 is coming sooner or later.



You know I'm looking forward to Terry Winter 2.

Glad to see you around. Hadn't seen you post on Steam in a while. Was hoping you were okay.